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There are a few main reasons why we help people save for retirement and protect their families.

  1. We have seen what happens to people that have not saved enough for retirement.
  2. We have seen families that have been left destitute when their families are not protected with life or disability insurance. All these families thought that they had enough protection.
  3. My family has experienced the loss of a loved one and how having life insurance provided and allowed life to continue as a father would have wanted.

Some of the services we provide are to help individuals and businesses look at their unique situation and see if there are any areas that they can be more strategically positioned in protecting what is most important to them. Protecting your family, assets and income are the first things most people want to address, but it depends on your particular situation!

If you are an individual, it could mean making sure that you …

  • are saving enough for retirement
  • are planning appropriately for your income needs in retirement
  • have enough life insurance to provide for your family or dependents
  • have protection in case you become disabled and are unable to work
  • understand the importance of having a will or trust
  • have made proper guardianship and beneficiary designations
  • funding your trust or special needs trust

On the business owner side, it could mean making sure that you …

  • are looking at everything an individual needs on the above list
  • are planning for your succession
  • have a buy-sell agreement
  • have a buy-sell agreement in writing
  • have a buy-sell agreement funded
  • have proper disability protection for the business
  • are providing for any key persons that you need

As you get closer to retirement you need to be looking at…

  • retirement income planning
  • how to avoid out-living the retirement nest egg you have saved
  • Medicare health plan options
  • wealth transfers to charities and loved ones
  • protecting your assets and income if you need extended care

There are a lot of areas where we can help and this list is not all inclusive. It really depends on what you want to accomplish. I am here to help you accomplish your goals and protect your family.

It is never to late too get started. Whether you are just starting out, building your retirement savings, or into your retirement years, understanding your options and protecting your income during retirement is critical to the security of you and your family.

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