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You can get your California Life Insurance Quote instantly. We realize that the amount of life insurance that you buy should not be based solely on what you need. The amount of California Life Insurance you buy should also reflect what you want for your family if something happens to you. We help you find the right life insurance company for your particular need. Whether you are getting life insurance for family protection or a buy-sell agreement, just let me know what you want to accomplish.

We are based in Sacramento, CA and want to provide for your California Life Insurance needs. Sacramento is so central to Northern California, we are able to service our clients throughout Northern California and beyond. This sites owner Stephen, has clients he personally visits from the Bay Area to Truckee, and from Bakersfield to North of Redding. We are also licensed in many States, so please let us review your states quote or California Life Insurance quote.

california life insurance options

Life Insurance can be used for many different reasons. The most basic idea of life insurance is that it protects against financial loss, if/when someone dies. Life Insurance planning is a basic staple in protecting one's family. Everyone who has someone or something that depends on them should strongly consider having a Life Insurance policy in place. Life insurance is one of the things that should not be overlooked. A few of the reasons to get your California Life Insurance quote today are:

  • Life Insurance can protect your family and loved ones against loss, if you die unexpectedly
  • Life Insurance can supplement your life insurance from an employer
  • Life Insurance can pay for your final expenses
  • Life Insurance can fund a business continuation plan
  • Life Insurance can protect yourself and your business partners, with a Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Life Insurance can help pass on assets to your loved ones
  • Life Insurance can help leave a living legacy to benefit your church or the charity of your choice

There are different types of policies and they can serve different purposes.

The two basic types of life insurance

  • Term Insurance- This will provide protection for a certain amount of time. Some examples would be:
    1. Term Life Insurance can protect you until your morgage is paid off
    2. Term Life Insurance can protect you until your children graduate from college
    3. Term Life Insurance can protect you until your grandchildren are out of high school
    4. Term Life Insurance can protect you until your business has enough equity
    5. Term Life Insurance can protect you and your business partners with low cost funding for a business buy-sell agreement

    For you term options, you can use the California Life Insurance Quotes tool. This will give you a good idea of your options.

  • Permanent Insurance- This type of policy will last your lifetime, and you should not out live the policy. Some examples might be:
    1. Permanent Insurance can accumulate cash value, while providing a death benefit
    2. Permanent Insurance can provide for your final expenses
    3. Permanent Insurance can leave a legacy for your family
    4. Permanent Insurance can fund a business buy-sell agreement
    5. Permanent Insurance is a great tool for estate planning

The 2 most popular types of Permanent Life Insurance are Whole Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance. When looking at Universal Life Insurance, be sure to look carefully at the illustration, to verify that the life insurance policy will last your lifetime, if that is your objective.

California Life Insurance Quotes and Rates

When looking at policy illustrations for Permanent Life Insurance, but sure to look at not just the "Current Values", but also the "Guaranteed Values" on the illustration. There will often be big differences between the teo projections.

You should always look at both sides of the illustration. I like to see what a company's current values are, but I also really like to see the guarantees that are built into the life insurance policy. This is not something you can see by looking at California Life Insurance Quotes. You will need to see the illustration.

What's in a rating of a California Life Insurance Company?

The Rating that an Insurance Company receives from independent rating companies are important for all types of insurance, but specifically for a risk that you are covering over the long term. With a permanent insurance policy, you would want to be sure that the company will be there for you forever. Since you are covering not only the death benefit, but also the cash value in the life insurance policy, safety is imperative. For a term life insurance policy, you are covering only the death benefit, but still typically over 10 to 30 years.

When looking at the rating a Life Insurance Company has received, the more "A"'s and "+"'s the better. I would be careful buying life insurance from any life insurance company that has a B or lower rating. Remember, the more A's, the better the Company rating.

What Life Insurance Underwriting Class am I?

When using our California Life Insurance quote tool above, you need to select a "Health Class". This "Health Class" is actually what people in the Life Insurance Industry refer to as your "Underwriting Class". Typically when you apply for life insurance, you will need to answer a lot of questions about your past, current and near future "lifestyle, habits and health related conditions". The answers to these questions, along with an exam from a local para-med company, will usually give the life insurance company enough information to put you into a like class of other people applying for life insurance.

The health or underwriting class you receive will then indicate the amount the life insurance will cost you. The rating names often depend on the company, but the best or top rating is often called Preferred Plus. This is what many agents call the "Superman/woman Rating". Not too many people get it!Then they go down to Standard, and below standard, they are rated policies. For rated policies, there can be an additional percentage or flat extra dollar amount due, on top of the Standard rate. The life insurance companies are not being mean when you get less than the best rating, since it is to protect the insurance company and the other policy holders. The additional costs will cover the additional risk that the life insurance company must take on to provide you coverage.

There is also the possibility that you could be denied coverage from the company. If you are denied an offer for life insurance, then we will need to look at what the unfavorable information was that stopped the company from presenting an offer, and then look for another company that will look more favorable at your risk.

Why work with an Independent Insurance Agent?

There are many reasons to work with an Independent Insurance Agent. Really none that I can think of not to. They can help you find the right coverage for your needs. They can help you find the lowest cost of coverage for the type of policy that you want. They will try to set your expectations for your health/underwriting class. We are not always right, but we usually come close to the right class with the correct information. We can shop around special hard to place cases that would be denied by your average agent. When I first started in the insurance industry, I was with a big name company. When someone wanted insurance, I had to place it first with my company. There was not finding a lower cost company or company with easier underwriting. That is one reason I am providing you with California Life Insurance Quotes and Rates above. You can see some of your options now.

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